Right so it's currently 23:30PM and I've just finished watching Made in Chelsea while tweeting constantly like a crazy obsessed lady. I couldn't possibly go to sleep until I posted as blunte, even though rn I have ZERO readers. We'll get there, & due to the fact that my brain is hardly functioning due to the lack of sleep, this post will be like a quick slob of food on a canteen tray ~ insufficient.

What I have noticed is that Lorde is amazing. She just recently turned 17, a week ago to be exact, and the girl already has a number 1 single in many countries. She's working the eyeliner, her eyes are beautiful and she is definitely a breath of fresh air (yes cheesy but I have no idea what I could substitute this with at the moment).

Point number 2 in this great combo is that Air Maxes and Nike as a brand are making the money big time. Just look at these bad boys featured above ~ can you feel how instantly broke you are? Yeah. These are definitely the prettiest pair of 1's I've seen so far. The colour contrast is really striking and they look like money, you can even smell it if you try hard. Plus, you have the suede, the textile, the leather, it's a dream come true (for those who can afford it).

ANYWAY, tomorrow shall be a better and more interesting day for the life of Blunte, but somehow I feel as if I am more true to myself when I'm knackered and rushing to get cosy in bed.



  1. Hello Blunte! Really like the way you write-very witty!

    Kisses from Athens!

    y ❤️


    1. ah thank you so much!
      unfortunately your blog posts aren't in English so I cannot read them!